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Centrifugal Water Pumps for Demanding Applications

Water Pump Types to Suit Your Specific Application

Scot centrifugal pumps are made from the highest quality castings and components to provide years of trouble free service. They are rugged heavy-duty simple designs for easy maintenance. Scot products perform in a variety of applications including industrial plants, high temperature cabinets, truck mounted, marine environments, outdoor roof top and many other demanding installations.
In addition, Scot has a variety of specialty products for many different applications:
Parts Washers Temperature
Hot Oil Low
The pumps are close coupled to the electric motors, engines or bearings frames. The pump adapter is directly mounted to the C-face of the driver, and the impeller installs directly on the driver shaft.
Benefits of this design include:
  • Economy - lower cost by design
  • Perfect alignment - no troublesome couplings to adjust or maintain
  • Exceptional seal life
  • Quiet operation
  • Slipfit O-ring sleeve style - no loctite or heating required to install or remove
Specify the following trademarked designs for the best in quality and satisfaction:
Motorpump™ Enginepump™ Framepump™
Nema Standard J,
JM, JP frame
motors - no couplings
Engine driven Bearing pedestal
for use with a
variety of drivers